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Published by NEWTON February 02,2024

In order to ensure the accuracy of the operation, be sure to relax the accelerator pedal before braking. Proper operation is very important for the main maneuvering devices, and their proper use will help you become a skilled and safe four-wheel forklift or tractor driver.

(1) The use of driving control devices

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Steering wheel. Four-wheel forklifts and tractors are working machines that operate while forklifts and tractors are moving. The correct grip for the steering wheel of a four-wheel forklift is: hold the sharp turning handle on the steering wheel with the left hand, mainly grasp the steering wheel with the left hand, and when there is no need to manipulate other devices or sharp turns, the right hand can assist the left hand to push and pull the steering wheel; For tractors, the steering wheel grips the same as in cars. Do not use excessive force when turning the steering wheel, and do not turn the steering wheel in place after the four-wheel forklift or tractor stops, so as not to damage the steering mechanism. When driving on uneven roads or making sharp turns, the forklift should hold the steering wheel tightly, and the left hand should not release the turning handle, so as not to hurt his wrist and fingers.      Accelerator pedal. The accelerator pedal is operated by the right foot. When manoeuvring, lightly step on the pedal with the sole of your foot, rest your heel against the cab floor, and use this as a fulcrum to step down or relax with the flexion and extension of the foot joint.

 When the accelerator pedal is stepped on, the motor circuit is switched on and the speed accelerates as the accelerator pedal continues to step down; The speed slows down or stops when relaxed. When stepping on or putting down the pedals, the force should be gentle, not too hasty, and it is necessary to "step lightly and lift slowly", and should not step on and let go or shake continuously for no reason.
When a four-wheel forklift or tractor is running, the right foot should be placed lightly on the accelerator pedal at all times, except for the brake pedal, and this position should be maintained even if the forklift is sliding. Do not accelerate the pedal before stopping. Brake pedal. The brake pedal is operated by the right foot. As shown in Figure 7-1, when manipulating, the accelerator pedal should be relaxed first, and then step on the brake pedal with the sole of the right foot, and step down or relax with the flexion and extension of the knee or foot joint.

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 In a four-wheel forklift or tractor, the method of operation of the main control device is very important. Below I will explain the purpose and use of these manipulators so that you can operate them skillfully and accurately.

4. Lifting device lever: The lifting device lever is used to control the lifting and lowering of goods on a four-wheel forklift or tractor. By moving the lever up or down, the lift and drop height of the forklift can be adjusted. During operation, pay attention to the position of the lever of the lifting device so that it is properly aligned with the fork fork or tractor traction device to avoid damage to the cargo or device.

5. Tilt device lever: The tilt device lever is used to control the cargo tilt angle of the forklift. By moving the lever forward or backward, the forks can be tilted forward or backward to better fit the shape of the cargo and the position of the center of gravity. During operation, the tilt angle should be adjusted according to the situation of the goods to ensure that the goods are firm and stable.

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6. Side shift device lever: The side shift device lever is used to control the lateral movement of fork forks. By moving the lever left and right, the forks can be moved horizontally for better access to the cargo stacking position or adjustment position. During operation, adjust the lateral shift distance according to the actual situation, and pay attention to avoid colliding with other objects.

      The above are the operation methods and precautions of the main control device of the four-wheel forklift or tractor. Before becoming a qualified driver, we must attach importance to the practice of basic movements and the mastery of skills. Through familiarity with the use of each control device, and repeated practice and practice, we can ensure driving safety and work efficiency.

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        Hopefully, these how-to methods and tips will help you become a skilled four-wheel forklift or tractor driver. Remember, safety always comes first! With the right operation and practice, you will easily navigate the forklift truck and complete various jobs efficiently.

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