Others have chosen electric handling, are you still hesitating?


Published by NEWTON February 29,2024

What is the most painful thing when I go to college? Move the dormitory! It is definitely one of them. It is a very difficult thing to think about. It takes a lot of physical strength. Look at the students in a university in the picture below. When you move to a dormitory, you don't migrate like a migratory bird.

high lift pallet truck​scissor lift pallet jack 2 scissor lift pallet jack

Some time ago, the video of "The high lift pallet truck went into battle and helped the students move to the dormitory" went crazy online. Netizens have praised "very smart" and "others' universities", and the protagonist of the video we can feel the power of this boyfriend scissor lift pallet jack in the circle of friends across the screen!

scissor lift pallet jack​scissor lift pallet jack 4 high lift pallet truck

According to the understanding, a Chinese university invited a high lift pallet truck to help students move the dormitory. Students only need to pack their luggage at the entrance of the dormitory, then the scissor lift pallet jack company will direct the high lift pallet truck and use the scissor lift pallet jack to lift the luggage to the corresponding dormitory door next door. . It can be said that this high lift pallet truck has alleviated the pain of students needing to move the dormitory manually.

scissor lift pallet jackscissor lift pallet jack 3 high lift pallet truck

In order to solve the problem that students' large luggage is difficult to move, a large electric appliance such as a washing machine is directly sent to the corresponding floor of the new dormitory by a scissor lift pallet jack, eliminating the steps of moving up and down the stairs. The university uses a high lift pallet truck to move the dormitory. This operation can be said to be very Welcomed by students!

high lift pallet truckscissor lift pallet jack 4 scissor lift pallet jack

One classmate believes that the use of scissor lift pallet jack is more humane. “In the past, if you hired labor, it was not only inefficient, but also very hard. Now you can do more with less by using the high lift pallet truck.”

scissor lift pallet jackhigh lift pallet truck 6 high lift pallet truck

We can see from this incident that it is now machine replacement that is gradually replacing human handling. And human handling has gradually become history.

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