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Published by NEWTON February 02,2024

On October 19th, the five-day 134th China Import and Export Fair, the 4th day of the Canton Fair, let me introduce one of the star products: the New Newton forklift! This is not a car for cows, but a high-performance and cost-effective logistics handling equipment. They took a group of brothers and sisters, such as pallet truck, a stand-up truck, a four-point balanced forklift, a lifting platform truck and so on, and made their debut at the Canton Fair! They are like a group of dazzling stars, showing to the whole world: China's intelligent and green logistics handling products are mighty!

Xinniudun forklift

This exhibition is dazzling! The handling equipment of the new Newton forklift is really amazing. It not only provides intelligent logistics solutions for global consumers, but also shows the strength of China manufacturing once again, attracting many customers to stop and wait and see.

Xinniudun forklift

The electric four-wheel forklift and the station-driven stacker also brought us surprises. The electric four-wheel forklift adopts high-frequency MOSFET integrated controller to ensure smooth and accurate control of walking and lifting, and is also equipped with large-screen LED instrument, which is really extraordinary! What's more, it also adopts regenerative braking technology, that is, when stopping, slowing down, turning and going downhill, the driving motor becomes a generator to charge the battery in reverse, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It's really smart and environmentally friendly! The car body is also very careful, adopting a sturdy and durable cage structure to ensure safety and reliability. The rear of the car is also made of solid cast iron, with high density and backward center of gravity, which makes it stable to drive.

Xinniudun forklift
The standing-driving stacker also has its own characteristics! It has built-in large-capacity maintenance-free battery, which has strong power and longer service time, saving maintenance troubles and costs. It is also super simple to operate, and it is also equipped with a stepless accelerator, which makes speed adjustment super convenient. There are also multiple braking functions, such as electromagnetic buffer braking, regenerative braking and reverse braking when the brake fails, and anti-sliding on the ramp to ensure safe home! If I hadn't already owned a small forklift, I would really like to buy one to go home!

Xinniudun forklift

Halfway through the exhibition, pallet truck, stand-up stacker, forward-moving stacker, four-fulcrum balance forklift and other products on display not only attracted more than 200 interested customers, but also clinched several large orders on the spot. This proves that the new Newton forklift products have been verified by the market and won the full recognition of the market! As a leading brand in the field of internal logistics in China, New Newton forklift not only performs well in material handling, but also provides overall intelligent solutions in intelligent three-dimensional warehouse, intelligent sorting and conveying system and supply chain management software system.

Xinniudun forklift
Hmm! I forgot to tell you that in the new work in the future, the new Newton forklift will continue to provide comprehensive services for various industries. They will further enhance the innovative research and development capabilities of products and bring more intelligent logistics handling equipment to more customers. Their goal is to help customers improve production efficiency, realize green handling, reduce costs and improve efficiency. If you need a powerful forklift, don't forget the new Newton forklift! It will move your logistics problems as smoothly as silk. Let's look forward to more highlights of the new Newton forklift!

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