Innovative reach truck series: intelligent and efficient handling solutions


Published by NEWTON April 12,2024

This issue introduces a forklift suitable for large-tonnage, large-scale three-dimensional chemical plants, warehouses and docks for cargo storage work - stand-on reach forklift series. This series of forklifts has a forward mast design, which is convenient for getting on and off the truck, and the turning radius is small. It can shuttle flexibly in complex and narrow shelves, which is safe and easy, and improves work efficiency.

Reach electric forklifts

CQD large reach is the flagship product of the new Newton forklift "new bull shield" forklift series, as a representative of high-level storage trucks, the new new bull shield large reach forklift has been recognized and affirmed by customers in domestic and foreign markets. In 2016, the new bullshield forward has achieved great success, and orders continue to pour in, and in the form of bulk orders. There are two models of 1.5 tons and 2 tons, with a height range of 3 meters to 12.5 meters, of which the height of 12.5 meters is the highest height of the current domestic large forward model.

Reach electric forklifts

New Newton Forklift has been committed to product innovation and research and development, and is striving to develop in the direction of intelligent and high-position forklifts. In addition to large reach forklifts, Ruyi has also launched high-level pickers, three-way stackers and three-way stackers in recent years, which represent the highest manufacturing level and technical strength of the domestic forklift industry.

The new Niudun large reach forklift has two configurations, standard and high, to meet the needs of different customers. The high-configuration configuration adopts CURTIS electronic control, imported positioning system, imported accelerator, imported contactor, imported electric steering, etc., which can be comparable to internationally renowned brands, and compete on the same stage at the customer site, its performance and quality are not inferior to imported brands, and it also has the advantage of cost performance.

Reach electric forklifts

Optimize the control mode, just get out of the car to stop, get on the car to drive, easy to operate, one-handed control is also easy, suitable for multi-duty operators, fully consider the working conditions, save more time. The whole series of forklifts are designed with four fulcrums, the width of the truck is smaller, but the stability is stronger, and it can enter the drive-in rack and adapt to more sites.

The biggest highlight of the big forward upgrade! The whole series of mast and cylinder are common, and the B/P series are common, which greatly improves the value retention rate of the whole vehicle. The whole series is equipped with Tianneng batteries as standard, and can be equipped with 280/350/420 capacity to meet the needs of different working conditions!

Reach electric forklifts

The future forklift world will be more intelligent and efficient, and the new Newton forklift will continue to innovate and make breakthroughs to provide customers with the most cost-effective handling solutions to make the handling work more intelligent and efficient.

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