How do salespersons of electric forklift manufacturers talk to customers?


Published by NEWTON June 21,2024

small electric forklift

Will electric forklift manufacturers have conflicts of ideas in the process of communicating with customers? The answer is yes. So how to communicate effectively and reach a consensus when conflicting with the other party's ideas?

For example, when a business person introduced a small electric forklift to a customer, we had a conflict with the customer’s perceptions. There was a big gap between the views of the two sides, and there was a certain risk in the dialogue. The emotions of both parties were very intense and they could not think rationally. However, if you want to communicate effectively, you need to have an open and honest conversation, tell your true needs and feelings, and let the information flow through communication, and finally solve the problem.

So, how do electric forklift manufacturers do? First, clarify the main points and purpose of the conversation. Second, create a smoke-free conversation atmosphere to give both parties a sense of security. Third, discuss the matter and don't bring in personal emotions. Fourth, understand the real needs of the other party.

small electric forklift

When the salesman communicates with the customer, if the customer complains, sometimes we can ignore it and find the core point of the problem to ask. Clearly express the purpose of this conversation. For example, a customer has a small electric forklift that has been shipped for a week and has not received the goods. At this time, the customer's emotions are very excited. We must first understand the customer's emotions, and then don't entangle with the customer who is at fault. The focus must be resolved. On the issue. And made it clear that he would do his best to solve the problem.

Electric forklift manufacturers have the above basic trainings when conducting vocational training for their own salespersons. Regardless of the size of the problem, the urgency of the matter, how excited the customer is, whether the customer’s question is about the cost of small electric forklift, quality, logistics, or something else? We all have to remain calm. Speaking starts from reality and does not carry personal emotions.

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