What are the maintenance items for electric forklifts?


Published by NEWTON February 02,2024

 Electric forklift manufacturers

The maintenance of electric forklifts and tractors is a preventive maintenance task. Electric forklift manufacturers summarize that their main content is cleaning and inspection.
Maintenance and support work such as inspection, tightening, adjustment, anti-corrosion, and supplementation.
1. Electric forklift cleaning operation. Cleaning operations are the foundation for improving the quality of vehicle maintenance, reducing component wear, and reducing grease and material consumption, and can prepare for inspection, tightening, lubrication, and adjustment operations. The overall requirement for cleaning operations is that all mechanical components are clean, tidy, and free of dirt; All filters are working normally, all pipelines are unobstructed, and brake fluid and hydraulic oil are not contaminated.
2. Electric forklift inspection operation. The inspection operation is to determine whether the technical performance of each component is normal, whether the work is reliable, and whether the external parts are deformed, loose, damaged, etc. through appearance inspection, measurement, test and other methods; The inspection operation provides a reliable basis for the correct use, maintenance, and repair of forklifts and tractors.
The overall requirement for inspection work is to carefully and comprehensively inspect the vehicle, promptly identify and address existing problems.

 Electric forklift manufacturers

3. Electric forklift fastening (fixing) operation. Due to the bumping, vibration, Thermal expansion of the parts during the operation of the forklift and tractor of the electric forklift manufacturer, the fastening degree of each fastener must change, resulting in looseness, damage and loss. Therefore, fastening operation is an important task for forklift and tractor maintenance, and the overall requirements for fastening operation are: all fasteners are intact, firm and reliable, and the tightening degree meets the requirements.
4. Electric forklift lubrication operation. Lubrication operation is an important measure to extend the service life of forklifts and tractors. The overall requirement for lubrication operation is to correctly select lubricant varieties according to different regions and seasons; The oil nozzle, oil injection port, and oil injection tool should be wiped clean, and the oil added should be correct and clean, and the amount of oil added should meet the requirements.
5. Electric forklift adjustment operation. Adjusting the operation is an important task to restore the good technical performance of the forklift and ensure normal fit clearance. The quality of adjustment work directly affects the economy and reliability of forklifts and tractors. The adjustment of homework must be carried out in a timely manner according to the actual situation.
The general requirements for adjusting the operation of electric forklift manufacturers are to be familiar with the technical requirements for adjusting each part of the electric forklift, and to make adjustments carefully and meticulously according to the technical requirements and relevant operating methods and steps.

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