How to disassemble an electric forklift?


Published by NEWTON February 29,2024


electric forklifts

The basic principles for disassembling and dismantling electric forklifts by forklift manufacturers are as follows: during mechanical disassembly, in order to prevent component damage, improve work efficiency, and create good conditions for future maintenance and repair, the following principles should be followed.
1. Before disassembling electric forklifts from forklift manufacturers, it is necessary to understand the structure and working principle of each mechanical part. There are many types and models of electric forklifts and tractors, and new structures are constantly emerging. Before understanding their structure and working principle, do not disassemble them blindly, otherwise it may cause component damage or other accidents.
2. Before disassembling the electric forklift from the forklift manufacturer, the entire vehicle should be cleaned to prevent dirt from entering the interior of each assembly.
Starting from reality, disassemble as needed. Disassembly is for inspection, maintenance, and repair. If individual parts of the machinery can be identified without disassembly, this part may not be disassembled. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid the phenomenon of disassembling the assembly due to small parts and multiple parts due to one malfunction. This can save labor, avoid damage to parts during disassembly and reduce assembly accuracy. For the parts that are not dismantled, it is necessary to ensure a maintenance and repair interval.


electric forklifts

3. Forklift manufacturers' electric forklifts should be disassembled in the correct order. External cleaning is required before disassembly; When disassembling, remove first.
Remove external accessories, then disassemble and place them in the order of assembly, components, and parts. 5. Use tools reasonably. The tools used must be compatible with the dismantled parts. If disassembling threaded connecting rod components, a wrench of equivalent size should be used, and when disassembling static fitting components, a dedicated disassembly tool or press should be used; Do not hammer or damage the parts in a disorderly manner, which may cause serious deformation or damage, and do not use measuring tools, pliers, or wrenches to replace hand hammers and cause tool damage.
4. The disassembly of electric forklifts by forklift manufacturers should be prepared for assembly. Non interchangeable parts should be marked or placed in pairs during disassembly to ensure accuracy during assembly. If the valve stems and valve bodies of a multi way directional valve are not interchangeable, they should be placed in pairs and not mistaken. The disassembled parts should be classified and stored for easy retrieval to prevent loss, damage, and mistake.

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