Function and composition of electric forklift driving system


Published by NEWTON February 02,2024

 electric forklift

The driving system of the electric forklift bears the gravity of the vehicle itself and the loaded and unloaded goods, as well as other external forces acting on the vehicle, and moments acting on the wheels by the road surface, constitute a space force system, which is balanced with each other. Due to the different forces exerted on the vehicles of forklift manufacturers under driving, braking, steering, and other operating conditions, the force conditions of the driving system are also diverse. The driving system is supported by wheels on the road surface and achieves vehicle walking through the rolling of the wheels. The traveling support system must adapt to the uneven road surface, keep the wheels in good contact with the road surface, ease the impact of the uneven road surface on the vehicle, and avoid or reduce the adverse impact of impact and vibration on the driver and handling work.

electric forklift

The main function of the electric forklift and electric tractor driving system of forklift manufacturers is to form a vehicle as a whole and support the weight of the entire vehicle and goods; Convert the torque transmitted by the electric motor into the traction force of the vehicle during operation; Bear and transmit various forces and moments to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle; Absorb vibration, mitigate impact, and cooperate with the steering system to achieve correct control of the driving direction.

The three pivot vehicle driving system is relatively simple because the three pivot points are stationary and can always ensure good contact between the wheels and the road surface. The driving support system of a three point light electric vehicle mainly consists of wheels and a frame. Two front support wheels are directly fixed on the front extension legs (components of the frame), and a single rear wheel is supported under the frame through the wheel frame, which can deflect the frame. The two front wheels of a three point balanced electric forklift are drive wheels. When driven separately, each wheel is independently connected to the frame. When driven centrally, the wheels are connected to the frame through the axle.

electric forklift

The four pivot electric forklift vehicle driving system of forklift manufacturers is generally composed of wheels, axles, frames, and frames. The wheels are installed at both ends of the axle (drive axle and steering axle or two drive axles), and the axle is either directly fixed to the frame or connected to the frame through suspension. Suspension is a collective term for a set of force transmission connectors between the frame and the axle, also known as suspension devices or suspensions. Its function is to adapt to uneven road surfaces and reduce the impact and vibration that vehicles are subjected to when driving on uneven roads.

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