How to maintain an electric forklift during the break-in period?


Published by NEWTON February 29,2024

The running in of new cars and overhauled electric forklift during the specified operating time is called vehicle running in. The characteristics of vehicle running-in period work are: the machined surface of the parts is relatively rough, the surface friction of each mating part is severe, there are more worn metal pins, the fit gap changes quickly, coupled with poor lubrication efficiency, and fasteners are easy to loosen. If adjustment is not made in a timely manner and running in measures are taken, it will seriously affect the service life and working performance. Therefore, it is necessary to use and maintain forklifts and tractors in accordance with the regulations for their initial operation. Regulations on the running-in period of vehicles: If the mechanical manufacturing factory has regulations on the running-in period (initial driving), the regulations of the electric forklift manufacturer should be followed. If there are no regulations, the running-in period is generally set at 50 hours.

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How to maintain an electric forklift during the break-in period? Firstly, clean the entire vehicle. Secondly, check and tighten the bolts, nuts, pipeline joints, clamps, and safety locking devices on the exterior of all vehicle assemblies. Thirdly, check the tire pressure and the tightness and lubrication of the wheel hub bearings. Fourthly, clean the gearbox, drive axle, steering system, and hydraulic system of the working device, replace lubricating oil and hydraulic oil, and clean the filter screens of each oil tank. Electric forklift manufacturer tells everyone, fifth, to check the efficiency of the steering system and the connection of various components.

Let's take a look at the sixth point again, check and adjust the free stroke of the brake pedal and the stroke of the manual control lever of the electric forklift, and check the braking efficiency. Seventh, check the working efficiency of the working device. Eighth, check the sealing, leakage, and maintenance of the lifting cylinder, tilt cylinder, steering cylinder, multi way directional valve, and oil pump of electric forklift and electric tractors. Ninth, check the height, specific gravity, and load voltage of the battery electrolyte level. Finally, the electric forklift manufacturer tells everyone to check the working performance of the control device and lubricate all lubrication points of the entire vehicle.

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The above are the specific methods and precautions for maintaining new electric forklift or electric forklift that have just undergone major repairs. Electric forklift manufacturer reminds everyone not to think that newly purchased or recently repaired electric forklift can be used as they please, as they also require maintenance. This can effectively extend the lifespan of electric forklift and improve their work efficiency.

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