On Holy Night, have you eaten apples?


Published by NEWTON February 29,2024

Dear, have you eaten apples? Regardless of whether you are a person or two people or a bunch of people at this time, please say to yourself, happy holy night, make a wish to Apple, and then eat it with a big mouth, and give the best wishes to others. Don't forget to bless yourself!

Merry best christmas 

The most anticipated day in December is undoubtedly holy night and best christmas. The atmosphere of best christmas has already permeated us, and with the arrival of best christmas holy night, the curtain of best christmas has been opened.

Merry best christmas 1 

Have you received the love from your friends on best christmas holy night today like me? The beautifully packaged apples received on best christmas holy night represent the best wishes of kind people. When best christmas, please slow down your haste and make your mood more beautiful and calm. When best christmas arrives, please turn your busy days into a free time and make your life more leisurely. When best christmas arrives, please bring friends. The thoughts of collecting points make the blessings more intimate and warm.

best christmas 2 

Santa Claus is a beautiful legend. Colorful gifts are packed with backpacks. Only people who believe in good things can see them. Best christmas songs are a wonderful performance, high and low undulating and melodious, only the full of joy can perceive its beauty.

holy night 

The snowflake has not yet floated, the fireworks have not yet been smashed, Santa Claus has not yet woken up, the deer has not yet drove the car, the socks have not been hung up in front of the window, and everyone’s blessings have not yet filled the sky. And I set out in advance, I wish you peace on best christmas, Merry best christmas, and romance.

holy night 1 

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