Hand Pallet Truck vs Electric Pallet Truck: Who is Better?


Published by NEWTON February 29,2024

Hi friends, today we're going to talk about the difference between a hand pallet truck and an electric pallet truck. Imagine how these two warriors in logistics, warehousing, industrial and mining companies, and construction contribute to our work. Hand pallet trucks and electric pallet trucks are widely used in logistics, warehousing, industrial and mining enterprises, construction and other fields of handling tools, there are some significant differences between them, let's find out! First of all, it can be seen from the literal meaning that when hand trucks carry pallets or goods, walking and lifting are completed by manpower. It uses small hydraulics, which is simple to operate and easy to use, and the handle is designed to be ergonomic

The electric pallet truck uses the battery as the power source, and the vehicle is driven by the electric motor, and the lifting of the fork relies on the DC motor and hydraulic transmission. Its driving mode is standing and using the rudder handle for steering operation, which has the characteristics of labor-saving, high efficiency, smooth operation, simple operation, safety and reliability, low noise and no pollution. In terms of configuration, hand pallet trucks usually use a simple manual hydraulic pump for lifting, while electric pallet trucks are configured to include components such as power source batteries, drive engines, and drive wheels.

Hand pallet trucks

In terms of carrying capacity, hand pallet trucks rely on human operation, so their carrying capacity is limited by people. Electric pallet trucks, on the other hand, rely on electricity and drive wheels, so they are usually larger than manual pallet trucks in terms of carrying capacity. In terms of speed, the electric pallet truck is simply a scud! It only needs to be driven by an electric motor, like a galloping racehorse, much faster than those manual trucks that are pulled by human power. Hand trucks, on the other hand, rely on manpower, step by step, like a snail. It's a bit of a shame, but don't underestimate the perseverance and innocence of the hand truck, they don't know what "giving up" is.

Electric pallet trucks

When it comes to lifting and descending speed, manual pallet trucks need to rely on manpower to continuously go up and down hydraulic cylinders to achieve lifting, which is like lifting a barbell repeatedly in a weightlifting competition. The electric pallet truck is much smarter, it only needs to operate the button on the handle, click click, and can quickly lift. It's like a snap of your finger and you can complete the task in an instant! In terms of work efficiency, the electric pallet truck is simply a "high-efficiency warrior". Relying on the power system, they can easily complete the loading, unloading, and handling work, and only need to manually control the handle, which is simple and convenient. In contrast, hand trucks rely on manpower, have limited working hours, and sometimes have to take a break, after all, people are not machines. The electric pallet truck is like that friend, always helping you with the work, and can do anything. Of course, there's no denying that hand pallet trucks also have their own advantages. They rely on manual transportation, are simple and flexible in operation, and are environmentally friendly and energy-saving. In contrast, electric pallet trucks have electrically controlled and hydraulic components and are relatively expensive. And some defective electric trucks on the market are like fake and shoddy products, which are not reliable at all! So, be selective when purchasing. It is recommended that you choose those well-known brands and large manufacturers of electric pallet trucks, such as our new Nidun forklift, we provide time-saving, efficient, comfortable operation, safe and reliable electric pallet trucks.

Electric pallet trucks

As a conscientious company, we also tailor electric pallet trucks with explosion-proof technology for special locations, such as hazardous areas that can easily cause explosions. Our new Nidun explosion-proof electric pallet truck allows you to travel smoothly, safely and reliably in dangerous environments. Therefore, whether it is a manual pallet truck or an electric pallet truck, it plays a unique role in different application scenarios. They each have their own highlights, and they are warriors on the logistics battlefield! Whichever one you choose, hopefully they will provide the best help for your work.

That's it for hand pallet trucks and electric pallet trucks! Hopefully, through this article, you have a deeper understanding of them. The next time you have a moving need, you'll know who to invite!

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