Why don't we recruit super skilled people for electric forklift sales?


Published by NEWTON June 23,2022

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As an electric forklift manufacturer, when recruiting sales staff, they don't pay attention to sales skills, but pay more attention to personal conduct. The reason why we don't recruit skilled salesmen is that we have our training mechanism.

electric forklift company

Virtue comes first. Virtue is a kind of moral quality, a person's character and conscience. In the case of oversupply in the salesman market, the demand for personal quality ranks first. If you have no working experience and don't know about electric forklift, you can have time to explore; If you have no skills, you can find a master to take you; If you don't know the requirements and procedures, you can train more; If you ask for improvement, it can give you a sky. But the only thing we can't allow is the sales staff with bad moral character and bad habits to work in the sales team.

electric forklift company

Virtue is cultivated in one's life for decades and is not easy to change. If a company covets personal ability and ignores personal morality, it will pay several times for it. Therefore, when recruiting, you will check your resume, work experience, work experience, reasons for leaving, and whether you have any bad records

Willing to bear hardships, and willing to pay time and energy to learn electric forklift related knowledge. Plan for the future, have goals and are willing to take action to achieve it.

electric forklift company

We firmly believe that talents are cultivated, whether from the perspective of electric forklift manufacturers or customers,

A person with integrity and hard work deserves more attention than an employee with skillful sales skills, just like a piece of white paper is easier to draw a pleasing picture. In the future growth, it is easier to recognize the company's values and corporate culture.

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