Electric forklift manufacturer: only pragmatic employees can make achievements


Published by NEWTON October 19,2022

The electric forklift manufacturer has heard such a question: If a newspaper is folded in half for 51 times, how thick will it be? It is absolutely shocking to say that, under the computer simulation calculation, this result was unexpectedly obtained: its thickness is close to the distance between the earth and the sun. The foundation is simple, and even more repetitions can produce amazing results. So if one sticks to the basic and ordinary work step by step, will he also make extraordinary achievements? Only a step by step, pragmatic employees can make achievements.


Pragmatism is the foundation of success. The reason why most people can't succeed is not because they don't have dreams, but because they have no patience, perseverance, and pragmatic spirit. They can’t start from small things and work tirelessly towards goals. Different attitudes towards work will inevitably lead to different results. There is an old saying in China: "If you don't build up a small step, you can't reach a thousand miles. If you don't build up a small stream, you can't build a river". Without down-to-earth efforts, only a over-ambitious mind will surely lead a mediocre life and will not achieve satisfactory results. The electric forklift manufacturer believes that only by being down-to-earth can we achieve success.

To become a pragmatic person, we must recognize our ability level and set a feasible goal. The British philosopher John Mill once said: "There is an irrefutable truth in life. Whether the greatest moralist or the most ordinary people, they should follow this rule. No matter how the world changes, they should also adhere to this belief. It is to make various attempts to find the work that is most suitable for them, and then focus on doing it with all their strength, under the premise of fully considering their own abilities and external conditions." Electric forklift manufacturer believes that only by fully understanding themselves can they succeed.


The saddest thing in the world is that a dream is promising, but I regret not working hard. All success starts with action. A pragmatic person can get rid of his own inertia, overcome his anxiety, and go for his ideal wholeheartedly. Ruskin once said, "When you come to this world, you should go all out". Electric forklift manufacturer often encourages their employees to take action and become a pragmatic person. Only in this way can they create a world in the workplace and win applause.

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