[NEW NEWTON] The first anniversary of the inauguration


Published by NEWTON June 23,2022

Years are not living, the seasons are inflow, and in the twinkling of an instant two-thirds in 2019. At this time in 2018, the lovely family joined the NEW NEWTON fork truck manufacturers at the beginning of the family. They were unskilled in the face of work, and had a problem. Nowadays, after 365 days of hard work, they have gradually learned to grow. The NEW NEWTON fork truck manufacturers witnessed their growth, and they were accompanied by the growth and development of the NEW NEWTON fork truck manufacturers.

fork truck manufacturers

Every employee of the NEW NEWTON fork truck manufacturers is a branch of our big tree. As they flourish, this big tree will also shine. NEW NEWTON fork truck manufacturers hopes that every employee under this big tree can fill their own wings, lay a good foundation for the future road, follow the development of the company, live up to the youth, and go on a dream. I hope that everyone will go hand in hand, work together, master the experience gained from practice, and vomit.

fork truck manufacturers

NEW NEWTON fork truck manufacturers thanked them for all their efforts in the past year since they joined the company. Looking back at the energetic ones a year ago, they are still as energetic as they are now, and they are more calm and serious about their work. I sincerely wish them "the first anniversary of happiness."

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