How to motivate employees to be positive?


Published by NEWTON June 23,2022

As an electric forklift manufacturer integrating the production and sales of electric forklifts, we must mobilize the enthusiasm of employees in various departments and make employees actively participate in the development of the company. What incentives are needed to do this?
Participation incentive: the practical experience and research of modern human resource management show that modern employees have the requirements and wishes to participate in management. Creating and providing all opportunities for employees to participate in management is an effective way to mobilize employees' enthusiasm.
Through participation, employees can form a sense of belonging and identity to the company, and further meet the needs of self-esteem and self realization.
Incentive measures for training and development opportunities: with the development of knowledge economy, the world is developing towards informatization, digitization and networking. With the continuous acceleration of knowledge renewal, the knowledge structure of employees is unreasonable, and the phenomenon of knowledge aging is becoming more and more prominent.
Although they continue to enrich and accumulate knowledge in practice, they still need to take incentive measures such as grade certificate learning, entering colleges and universities, overseas training and so on. Through this training, they can enrich their knowledge, cultivate their ability and provide them with further development. Opportunities to meet their needs for self realization.

Honor and promotion: honor is a person or organization's lofty evaluation of an individual or group. It is an important means to meet people's self-esteem needs and inspire people to work hard. From the perspective of people's motivation, everyone has the need for self affirmation and honor.
For some outstanding and representative advanced employees, giving necessary honors and rewards is a good way of spiritual motivation. Honor Awards are cheap, but they work well.
In addition, strengthening incentive is the affirmation of employees with good performance and high quality, which should be included in the dynamic management system of "up and down".

Reverse incentives: incentives are not all incentives, but also include elimination incentives, fines, demotion, dismissal incentives and many other negative incentives.
Elimination incentive is a punitive control method. According to the reinforcement theory in incentive, incentive can be punished, that is, using mandatory and threatening control technologies, such as criticism, demotion, fine, salary reduction, elimination, etc., to create an unpleasant or stressful condition to deny some behaviors, so as to show that such behaviors do not meet the requirements.
The implementation of cash back incentive must be open and fair from the beginning to the end. There is no temporary decision-making, let alone the personal likes and dislikes of leaders. This can achieve the desired effect.

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