How do excellent teams come out?


Published by NEWTON June 23,2022

An excellent enterprise must be inseparable from an excellent team. How should the team with excellent performance be managed? What can be done to make this excellence continue?
First, team task oriented: let each team member clarify the team's goals and action plans. Each team member should also have a clear job description and description to establish the work standards of team members.
Second, focus on the implementation of goals: everyone in the team needs to have a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism, understand and grasp the strategies formulated by the team, and clarify the stage and process to be achieved in the implementation of goals. Determine specific work indicators.
Third, encourage employees' Creativity: talent training not only pays attention to knowledge and skills, but also pays more attention to improving the knowledge and comprehensive quality of team members. Grasping this aspect can effectively improve the overall quality and ability of the team.

Fourth, team division and cooperation: the management should give full play to its ability to guide and mobilize its subordinates; Employees should give full play to their mobilization ability, be familiar with and understand other departments at all levels, and be able to cooperate with each other in their work.
Fifth, give full play to the communication and coordination role of leaders: when interpersonal relations are tense, leaders should fully communicate, guide team members to adjust their mentality, accurately locate their roles, combine personal goals with work goals, and clearly know what they want to do and how to do it.
Sixth, give full play to the incentive role of leaders: in the process of work, due to strict goal constraints and changeable external environment, leaders must motivate team members in time to encourage and stimulate employees' enthusiasm, initiative and enrichment of team members. Give full play to the creativity of team members.
Seventh, flexible authorization and timely decision-making: leaders must authorize team members to share responsibilities and let team members participate more in the decision-making process, which is conducive to give full play to the enthusiasm and creativity of team members. Team members work more flexibly.

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