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Published by NEWTON June 23,2022

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Working in a company is very important, but the most important thing besides work is the way of getting along with colleagues. As the saying goes: dealing with people is the most difficult thing. In fact, there is nothing wrong with this saying, because people think It's very complicated, sometimes it's not just one way, you think it's ok, but others don't feel very good, then we have to maintain and communicate, then let the electric stacker supplier try to use the public's thinking to say How should we get along with our colleagues?

When we get along, we should not impose too many opinions on ourselves, because if the two people are not very familiar with each other, your strong personal opinions may bring discomfort to others and make people feel disgusted. It is a deadly situation for people who have to deal with others. Secondly, we must be able to observe words and expressions. Some people want to say a very classic sentence: Why do I look at other people's faces and do things? It's not you who look at people. The expression on the face is that we should pay attention to the proportion of conversation. We don't need to care about the expression of others, but our own proportion should not make people feel out of bounds and impolite. The electric stacker supplier recommends that this is the main etiquette for adults.

Speaking of being able to do things, I just want to say that the culture of our company is really good, and it makes me feel very comfortable here. The reason is that our bottled water is gone today. After our HR lady ordered the water The water delivery was delayed, so everyone went to pick it up. In the afternoon, the lady ordered us drinks to quench our thirst. Although some people think this matter is not worth mentioning, I think it is very important. I will share with you the heart-warming things. The electric stacker supplier reminds us that sometimes we have to discover the beauty in life, and the little things that are not worth mentioning may also be very beautiful.

Finally, find time to mingle with colleagues. It is also a good way to cultivate your own interests and make friends with your hobbies. In addition, exchanging information with each other and discussing their own experiences can lead to harmonious interpersonal relationships.

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