Electric forklift manufacturer: humor is a kind of wisdom and life attitude


Published by NEWTON September 16,2022

A philosopher once said: "humor is the expression of wisdom, education and moral superiority." Humor can delight oneself as well as others. Humor is a high-quality lubricant for interpersonal communication. Proper humor can ease the atmosphere, relax the mood of both parties, and then make people communicate more smoothly and bring a good mood for the day. However, the electric forklift manufacturer reminds that humor is not a joke without any occasion and no bottom line. Humor is a kind of knowledge, and it needs an appropriate amount to play its role and achieve the best effect.


How to use humor properly in communication? First of all, humorous words should be presented in the common meaning space with the other party, and it is best to use the language habits of the other party. For the simplest example, if the other party likes to use dialect, you can also communicate in dialect; If the other party is gentle and gentle, you should not use vulgar taste, otherwise humor can only bring more embarrassing atmosphere and even misunderstanding and conflict between people. Secondly, when you are humorous, you should give praise to others and leave jokes to yourself. Electric forklift manufacturer believes that their derision will not only become a laughing stock, but also show a broad mind and win the respect of others.

Either you can tell jokes or you know humor. A sense of humor needs to be cultivated. How to become a person with a sense of humor? The most important point is to expand the scope of knowledge. Humor is a kind of wisdom, which must be supported by abundant knowledge. Extensive knowledge can be the talk capital and the basis for witty words. We should also cultivate keen and profound insight. The electric forklift manufacturer believes that a humorous person can quickly capture the essence of things and express them in appropriate language, clever metaphor and humor. He can also detect the surrounding atmosphere and the mood and attitude of the communicators, and judge when the humor is the best and when it needs to be serious.


Humor can not only show one's wisdom and act as a lubricant in interpersonal communication, but also an attitude towards life, an attitude of self-confidence, optimism and openness after experiencing setbacks and setbacks. The electric forklift manufacturer tells the employees that it is difficult to be humorous if you are impetuous, difficult to be humorous if you are pretentious, difficult to be humorous if you are dull and clumsy, and only those who are calm, tolerant, free and easy, intelligent and thorough can understand humor. Electric forklift manufacturer also encourages employees to constantly enrich themselves and be a humorous person.

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